Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten Things I Learned While Painting A Highly Textured Piece Of Artwork

1. Patience! There were exactly 8 different drying periods during the making of this painting.

2. Everything dries faster outside on a warm, sunny day. Although when I was feeling lazy and didn’t take it back inside to add my third coat of colour it was drying to fast and I had to run for water to take off what had adhered to places I didn’t anticipate.

3. A quick look around the house and you will find all sorts of objects that can be embedded into the plaster for a very cool, textured look. I had to sneak by my 3 year old daughter with her butterfly spoon so she wouldn’t object to my use of it.

4. Use lots of water, not only to press your objects into the plaster but to clean your hands, face, the floor, the tops of your shoes, the edge of your sleeve the will inevitably drag through it all and possibly your teeth (don’t ask) haha

5. Find something else to do between coats so you will LEAVE IT ALONE, very crucial to the success of the overall painting.

6। Kick the kids out of the house, the project looks like far too much fun for little hands and as soon as you turn your back I guarantee there will be new brush strokes or textures!

7. Plan ahead for your colour choices, really take a moment to decide what colours will work well together and give enough contrast to stand out against each other.

8. Varnish in between coats, really helps to wipe away the additional paint colours. Again patience is a key factor here. Wait until the varnish is completely dry or it just takes off the plaster when you start rubbing off the paint.

9. Don’t eat over the painting, trust me, not a texture you want in there and it’s time consuming to pick out crumbs!!

10. Remember you are making this for re-sale, it looks really cool on the wall but you already have enough paintings, this was made to sell for profit!!

Don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Thanks! It was really fun to make but would probably less time consuming if there were more than one on the go at a time. haha