Monday, April 26, 2010

Letting go of fear by Laura Carter, Painting - Acrylic

Letting go of fear by Laura Carter, Painting - Acrylic

24x30 inches


This piece is being offered as a COMMISSION ORDER. I will paint one similiar for you but note that no two paintings are ever exactly alike. Yours will be very close, I will use the same colours and composition to recreate what you see here.

Do you need a larger size? Let me know and I can work out the details.

This contemporary abstract figurative painting is the second one I've done with this theme. It is a very earth toned, bright painting that really draws your attention. For me this piece represents many things, the feeling of letting go, of hope and renewal but also of loneliness.

It is finished with a high gloss finish that protects it and brings out the colours. The sides of the canvas are painted making the painting ready to hang.


  1. Your work is very interesting. I like the moods you express in your art. I've joined here and on facebook. I hope you will join my art page there as well: artworks by barbara giordano.
    Thank you for leaving your lovely comments on my blog. I love it when people leave comments if only a word or 2 - it helps me feel that I'm connecting with the readers.

  2. Thank you Barbara, I missed this comment somehow! opps! I'm going to check and see if I joined your facebook page. : )