Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moon Goddess by Laura Carter, Painting - Acrylic

Moon Goddess by Laura Carter, Painting - Acrylic
16x20 inches

This abstract figurative folk art painting has a dark gothic feel to it. I've titled it Moon Goddess which seemed fitting to the theme. The colours are strong and bold adding to the overall element of mystery. This figurative painting is done on a gallery stretch canvas that is 1 1/2 " in depth. This painting would make a unique and original gift!

This painting is ready to hang with painted sides and a gloss varnish top coat that protects it and brings out the vibrant colourshttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.109515406865.94545.109307191865&type=3

Monday, April 26, 2010

Letting go of fear by Laura Carter, Painting - Acrylic

Letting go of fear by Laura Carter, Painting - Acrylic https://www.etsy.com/listing/86818099/abstract-art-figurative-painting-gothic

24x30 inches


This piece is being offered as a COMMISSION ORDER. I will paint one similiar for you but note that no two paintings are ever exactly alike. Yours will be very close, I will use the same colours and composition to recreate what you see here.

Do you need a larger size? Let me know and I can work out the details.

This contemporary abstract figurative painting is the second one I've done with this theme. It is a very earth toned, bright painting that really draws your attention. For me this piece represents many things, the feeling of letting go, of hope and renewal but also of loneliness.

It is finished with a high gloss finish that protects it and brings out the colours. The sides of the canvas are painted making the painting ready to hang.


Spring is here, the flowers are almost in bloom, the leaves peeking from their respective branches. It feels great to be outdoors, the sun in my face, the wind whipping my hair as I cart my paint supplies out to the picnic table by my flagstone patio. Seems like a great idea, romantic even. My three year old daughter wants to paint with me and the wind is knocking everything off the table. I try to persevere and keep up the facade of painting outside like a true nature loving, artistic soul. I start the painting but the wind is blowing my hair straight across my eyes making visibility difficult. I take a quick run into the house for a hair elastic and come back to find my daughter "painting" on my canvas, the one I had already started. I start over, placing a tiny canvas board in front of her so she can paint also. I spend about half an hour on the painting, trying to re-capture what I had originally started. Then the wind picks up and tips the water container, dirty paint water and all across the whole painting and into my lap. My daughter giggles. I don't. After mopping that up I'm still determined to make this work. After all, it's a beautiful day and I want to be outside. I move the water container to a safer spot and start over....again. This time everything falls into place and the afternoon flies by. My daughter jumps from painting on her little canvas to playing with her toys on the vast lawn. I complete my painting; it looks exactly as I wanted it to. I decide to leave it to dry on the picnic table knowing it will dry fast in the sun. My daughter and I started carting the painting supplies back into the house, stopping for a drink and some cookies. When we go back out we are blasted by a fierce wind, it takes our breath away, almost knocking my daughter off her feet. Hand in hand we walk around the side of the house, back to the flagstone patio and there is the painting, face down in the grass about 10 feet from the picnic table. Afraid to pick it up myself I ask my three year old; she happily bounces over and picks it up. "Look Mommy at all the pretty colours." The mixed, smeared and smudged painting, grass and dirt stuck to it, the face of the figure unrecognizable; leave it to a three year old to find beauty in the wreckage! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ourhouseabstractart